Hi, welcome to my website! My name's Antonia. I'm based in New Zealand and I'm extremely passionate about creative design. I'm interested in numerous areas including art, fashion, beauty, television, music & activism. In my free time I like to boogie at local gigs, sew bits of fabric together and munch on pistachio macaroons.  

I'm soon to graduate with a degree in Creative Practice focussed in Design from the Eastern Institute of Technology. I have also taken courses in a wide variety of areas that expand on my foundation in design such as marketing, journalism and business.

I've completed two internships during my studies. One with Unit Design in 2022 where I was mentored by Max Parkes. The second was at Creative Arts Napier, co-organising the Hawke's Bay Art Trail for 2021. I've also been the in-house graphic designer for Diahann's Fashion Boutique since March 2021.

After graduating, I hope to move to Melbourne, Australia to work in the industry as a graphic designer in 2023!

Website built and designed by Antonia Neville :)

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