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What is it?

Hue bloomed from the concept that no language is able to communicate colour to someone who has never seen it. Colour is taught by visual association (i.e. leaf = green) therefore the language we use to describe colour relies heavily on these connections. This means humans are able to identify what they've been taught is red but since we have no adjectives to describe colour that doesn't stem from these associations, we have no way of knowing if the colour one person sees and calls red is actually the same as another person.

Hue aims to question what we feel beyond the learnt associations that green is the colour of grass and blue is the colour of water. What is it that our subconscious feels when we see these colours? 

Hue presents four concepts of colour through touch, sound and light to break away from what we've been taught and dive into the abstract experiences of our subconscious. Hue means the concept of colour beyond its visual element is no longer a pigment of your imagination.

Final Product Design


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